Hi Friends,  Summer winding down and I hope you all found time to get out and enjoy the weather and time with family and friends.   I just finished a fun speaking tour at 12 county fairs in July and August.  This has been a fun way of spending my summer.  

I have completed my new speaking brochure that will promote my speaking events and workshops.  Send me an email and I will get one out to you ASAP.  This past year I  broke into the historic tour market and looking forward to expanding this arm of the business even more in 2016.  If you belong to a group that is looking for a unique historic tour, please let me know. 

I am continuing to work with a number of senior living communities throughout MN by providing art work for the facilities.  See note below on "Memories in Art".  This has become a great way to allow my photography to positively impact our seniors in their golden years.   

I will be doing some art shows again this year, but find myself doing fewer and fewer as the years go by.

Many have asked about the Cemetery book project and I don't have any news to report with the exception of I am still searching a publisher.  MHS who published many of my other books, have declined this recent project.  No hard feelings, but it makes me get out there and source other options.  

The best way to navigate on the site is to use the "Browse" tab and find the subject you are looking for.  I have put all my galleries into basic search folders by subject.  It should be clear once you go into the "Browse"

 Thanks again for visiting my site.  I  I also am excited to continue to develop my "memories in art" (see video below) projects. 

Valley View Nursing Home - Memories in Art   Promo Video  - Go to "Browse" and scroll down to Valley View.  Enjoy the short video.

The following is my speaking schedule and Art Shows for the next few weeks.  It will always be changing as I add more events almost every day.

* August 21 - Bloomington Historical Soc.  - Churches of MN - 2:00 PM

* August 24 - Historic Tour - Tower Light Senior Community - All day

* August 25 - Knollwood Place - St. Louis Park - Miss River # 2 - 2:00 PM

* August 29 - Monticello Comm Center - Historic Homes - 10:00 AM

* Sept 1 - Oak Knoll Lutheran, Mtka - Schoolhouse Memories - 1:30 PM

* Sept 3 - 4 - ART SHOW - Voyager Village, WIS

* Sept 6 - Knollwood Place - St. Louis Park - Miss River # 3 - 1:00 PM

* Sept 10 - 11 - ART SHOW - Northfield Art Show

* Sept 13 - Plymouth Senior Services - Historic Homes - 10:30 AM

* Sept 14 - Burschville School, Hanover, MN - Barns of MN - 7:00 PM

* Sept 16 - 18 - ART SHOW - Carlos Creek Winery, Alexandria, MN

* Sept 20 - MTKA Sons of Norway - Norwegian Minnesota - 7:00 PM

* Sept 22 - Knollwood Place - St. Louis Park - Schoolhouse Memories - 2:00 PM

* Sept 24-25 - ART SHOW - Afton Art

* Sept 26 - Monticello Comm Center - New Deal - 10:00 AM

* Sept 27 - St. Louis Park Community ED - Miss River # 2 - 1:00 PM

* Oct 1 - ART SHOW - Stone Lake, WI

* Oct 3 - Sociables Club, Apple Valley - Cemeteries of MN - 10:30 AM

* Oct 5 - Owatonna Comm ED - Barns of MN - 6:30 PM

* Oct 6 - Knollwood Place - St. Louis Park - Historic Homes of MN - 2:00 PM

* Oct 6 - Maple Grove Historical Soc. - Civil War - 7:00 PM

* Oct 7 - TOUR - Robbinsdale Senior Services - Fall tour along the Miss River.

If you want to know more about a particular program, please e-mail me and I can give you all the details.  Most of programs are open to the public and would love to see you attend.

Thanks again for visiting my site and call or email with any questions or thoughts.

Have a great (Late) Summer and Fall.





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